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It isn’t often that you’re going to require masonry services but when you do, you need to be sure you’re receiving a qualified and professional service. The experienced masons at Cornish Creative Stoneworks offer the number one masonry service in Par offering a range of services from chimney building and repairs, re-establishing mortar joints, as well as building and stacking stone walls and repairing any wall damages. If you’re looking for an urgent serviceman that works efficiently and expertly then contact us today through our booking form to arrange a visit.

Chimney Building and Repair

Across the city a lot of the homes we live in are quite old, which means the stone work that’s stood the test of time until now is starting to weather and age. One of the prime services we offer here at Cornish Creative Stoneworks is chimney building and repair. If your chimney is suffering from fallen stone work or is beginning to deteriorate, we deliver a quality and expert service to restore your chimney back to its best.

Efficient Stone Wall Building

Perhaps one of our main services here at Cornish Creative Stoneworks is building stone or brick walls around your home or commercial properties. A stone wall can be that perfect aesthetic or stylistic addition to set your home out from the rest. Whether it’s a front or back garden wall or an internal piece of brickwork, we will work efficiently and expertly to provide you with masonry services so you won't need repairs again and again.


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